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​WELCOME TO LADIES GOLF AND THE BLGA         (Bluegrass Ladies Golf Association)

What is the BLGA

The Bluegrass Ladies Golf Association is made up of two groups. There is an 18 Hole
group and a 9 Hole group. The purpose of both groups is to stimulate interest in golf,
encourage beginning golfers, and to promote good tournaments.

The membership of the Association is composed of lady golf members, and wives and
daughters of men golf members of Bluegrass Country Club. A person may be a
member of one group or both groups. There are annual dues for both groups.

Both groups have a weekly play day. The 18 Hole group plays on Tuesdays and the 9
Hole group plays on Thursdays. The weekly events calendar begins the first week of
April and ends the last week of October.

For more information contact Caryn Crenshaw ( ) or Marsha
Barnett ( ).

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