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What is the BMGA

The purpose of the Bluegrass Men's Golf Association (BMGA) is to promote the game of golf and its rules rules in a sportsman like environment.

The BMGA has a tournament schedule that typically begins in March and concludes in October.  A variety of tournaments are scheduled including individual and four-ball match-play tournaments, as well as the Ramble, the annual member/guest tournament that brings friends and family together for a weekend of fun and competition. 

All tournaments have points that are awarded and accumulate through the year.  The highest two point winners for the year pick teams from the top twenty-four point holders and face off in the Bluegrass Cup, pitting the teams in a fierce Ryder Cup format for two days.  The winning teams earns the right to play in the Sumner Cup against the top twelve players from the Fairvue Club in Gallatin in the same format.  The losing team plays in the Clover Cup against two other local clubs.

Annual dues for the BMGA are $99 and include discounts on tournament entry fees.  In order to qualify, individuals must be a full golf member over the age of 21.  After July 31, the BMGA fee is cut in half.  All BMGA registration fees are nonrefundable.

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